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Rapids Archery Traditional Shoot Proudly Presents:

Shooting Seminar!
with the Legendary
Jim Ploen
Saturday, June 8, 2024


Seminar Topics:

  • How the Bow and Arrow Work

  • The Archer's Role When Using a Bow

  • String Alignment

  • String Clearances

  • Focus

  • Awareness

  • Target Panic

  • Establishing an Eye/Arrow/Nock Reference

  • Anchoring the Scapula to Develop a Consistent Release and Follow-Through in the Bow Arm


About Jim Ploen

  • Inducted into Minnesota Archery Hall of Fame.

  • He shot a perfect 300 at a major tournament with a Herter's Recurve and used a brad nail for a rest.

  • 1965, 1968 Ben Pearson International Open Champion.

  • Designed the 21st Century Longbow which has won 11 IBO World Championships.

  • Has worked with the Canada Olympic Archery Team

  • Has conducted electromyographic studies at the University of Minnesota regarding muscle usage during the draw, and release of the arrow.

  • Has hunted across the United States, Alaska and New Zealand.

Two Sessions on Saturday:
11:00AM & 3:00PM

Free to Registered Shooters!

Email Your RSVP by Saturday, May 25:

Day of the event registration is


Limited Seating

RSVP to guarantee your place!

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