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Renew Club Membership

Two Ways to Renew Your Club Membership:

1.) Paper: Download or print out, and complete the Renewal Membership Paper Form.

2.) On-line: Renewal Membership Online Form.


  • Outdoor spring, summer and fall leagues

  • Several indoor winter leagues

  • Several all-day 3D shooting events throughout the year

  • Free use of all ranges, indoor and outdoor

  • Scheduled free indoor shooting

  • Junior Olympic Archery for youth, provided by certified instructors

  • Introductory archery classes for all ages

Ways to get your work hours in:

  • Help with setup or tear down of a shoot.

  • Help in concessions/kitchen area during a shoot.

  • Work at the registration desk at a shoot.

  • Be a line judge or gate keeper during a shoot.

  • Captain a shoot or captain the concessions area for a shoot.

  • Be a work coordinator for a set of shoots or events.

  • Work at the Spring Clean Up.

  • Open and close the building for Open Shooting.

  • Help at a Introduction to Archery Classes.

  • Help repair club equipment - bows, arrows, targets.

  • Help with other special projects that come up during the year.

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